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iTrellis is a team of experienced technology professionals who promote the Continuous Delivery of high quality new services.

Our methodology aligns business goals and development initiatives, making sure we deliver our client’s most important needs first.

As we build, we automate our tests to ensure quality, manage releases through Continuous Integration, and performance is measured and reported in Production.

What can iTrellis do for me?

Custom Software Development

Often Custom Software Development doesn’t fit into a neatly hyped bucket.

We can apply our unique mix of B2B and B2C system and consumer experience to realize your business needs in a simple and direct manner.

Our experience is grounded in architecting and delivering large-scale, complex enterprise and consumer systems for big corporations and startups. We understand how to scale up and down. We know how to deliver pragmatic solutions that are right for the organization today, with an eye toward what is needed tomorrow, and the ideal for the future.


Big Data & Analytics offer big opportunities for businesses, but it is fraught with side-tracks and overcoming increasing technical debt.

Our agile approach to data analytics enables you to embrace the exploration necessary to discover where the data will lead you by starting small and proving value through continuous, sustained delivery.


Responsive & Mobile First Design requires your focus on the primary elements of your system or product while allowing for extensibility.

We have the experience in mobile systems to help you navigate the highly variable mobile technology landscape appropriately for your business and organization.


It's easy to envision Software as a Service capabilities, but too often it is quite difficult to realize due to limited experience building cloud-based services, using cloud-based tools, and adopting new architectural paradigms.

We have extensive experience architecting, developing and operating large-scale, multi-tenant services in B2B and Consumer environments, which we can apply to realize your business goals in a scalable, distributed and device-agnostic manner.


Technology Portfolio Management

While most Agile adoption begins in technology organizations, to achieve the highest value, the transition must also take place in the planning area of the business.

Our approach to Technology Portfolio Management helps you best balance new development with sustainment, road map planning, and aligning technology initiatives with business priorities.


Aligning IT and Business Goals

Projects that succeed in organizations have good communication and cross team collaborative planning programs. Business & IT Alignment assessments are short term engagements where we examine eight key aspects of your organization.

Our engagement leads are trained to identify how our projects and personnel are best positioned for success in our client’s organizations.

We help work flow better from requirements intake through Dev Ops into production.


Automated Functional Testing

We help our clients realize significant code quality improvements and cost savings through Test Driven Development techniques and Continuous Integration.

We believe TDD is far more reliable and less costly than code that is tested by manual exploration, and we have helped our clients realize significant cost savings.

Further, the quality of the code increases dramatically as there is much better code test coverage as compared with traditional SDLC testing techniques.


Continuous Delivery and Operations

Our Java and .Net Dev Ops teams work together to ensure that new services are launched correctly in the cloud, or in-house through the intranet.

We blend software engineering work flow, automated test for quality assurance, and release management tools for code migration across environments seamlessly.

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The Team

Who's behind iTrellis?

We are focused on building a different type of technology company.

Our team has decades of experience in consulting, entrepreneurial and big corporate worlds. We have been in your shoes for the better and worse. We are committed to creating a company based on core values of honesty, integrity, transparency and responsiveness.

Careers at iTrellis

Join Our Team

We are looking to expand our team with smart, articulate technology professionals. iTrellis provides an outstanding environment to enhance your career and thrive and we offer a very strong benefit package that includes the following:

Unique career development support

iTrellis is a new kind of technology consulting company that puts its customers and employees first. Employees choose their career paths. Through frequent and regular feedback iTrellis is a company people can seek challenges of interest and get the mentorship and support they need. iTrellis consultants also have the autonomy to make the right choices for their clients without having to navigate red tape.


  • 100% premium paid on employee health benefits package, including medical, dental and vision; with a very low deductible plan. Also, 75% of premiums are paid for dependents.
  • A robust 401(k) plan, with company matching, as well as administration fees company paid
  • Sick and vacation allowances
  • Opportunities for profit sharing and career advancement
  • iTrellis is an equal opportunity employer

    We are an equal opportunity employer, and strive to find ways to attract, develop, and retain highly qualified individuals representing the diverse communities in which we live. Decisions and criteria concerning the employment relationship with all employees are made in a non-discriminatory manner, without regard to race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran’s status, citizenship, disability (as defined by applicable law) or any other characteristic protected by law.

    If you are interested in seeing how we might work together, please send along a resume and cover letter to hr@itrellis.com